1. Brainstorm (feat. Asuka Ouchi & Kunio)
  2. Muse
  3. Dolphin (feat. Shinichi Ihara & Tatsuhiko Kashima)
  4. INOCHI (feat. Yuduki, Sawako Kosuge & Hisaka Iio)
  5. Love Song (feat. MAYUMI, Asuka Ouchi & Shota Ishizaka)
  6. Labdanum
  7. Je Suis (feat. Yoko Ui & Yohei Tanimura)
  8. Byo No Ma (feat. Hisaka Iio)
  9. Koishi Kimini (feat. SAYUKI)
  10. Gyakko

Kotaro Saito, a composer and producer from Tokyo, Japan, releasing his second original album "BRAINSTORM." Having been producing TV commercial music throughout Asia and Japan, this album consists of various instruments starting from synthesizers, strings, winds, as well as many acoustics resulting in an authentic mix. He presents you total of 10 songs, together with 13 highly talented musicians and creators.

Kotaro Saito

Composer & Music Producer. Spent 3 years in India during his teens. Learned to play piano and composing by himself. Graduated Keio University. Worked at HAKUHODO Inc. for 5 years. Started his own business: Has been producing music for TV commercials, audios for audiovisuals. "Love Song" has been a hit on Spotify, as well as being used for the theme song for an evening aquarium dolphin show "LIGHTIA" at one of the leading aquariums in Japan, Hakkeijima Seaparadice. We look forward to his upcoming new releases.

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