MOMENTARY: Memories of the Beginning

  1. Starry Night
  2. Ephemeral (feat. yanaginagi)
  3. Awakening
  4. South Wind (feat. nikiie)
  5. Momentary
  6. Precious
  7. Blue
  8. Niji no Kanata (feat. lasah)
  9. Prelude
  10. Promise with You (feat. Shaylee)
  11. The Door (feat. nikiie)
  12. Farewell
  13. Someday (feat. Devendra Banhart)
  14. A Map
  15. Imagery




ストーリーテラーとして、やなぎなぎ、デヴェンドラ・バンハート、nikiie、lasah、shaylee といった、他に類を見ないほど多岐に渡るゲストボーカリスト陣を招き、これまでになく意欲的で挑戦的な作品を作り上げながらも、一貫して奏でられているのは、徹底的に研ぎ澄まされた美意識による特有の世界観であり、導かれるように誘われ、瞬くようにして輝きを放つ、美しい予感に満ち溢れた瑞々しい感動に包まれる傑作がここに誕生しました。

Akira Kosemura

Born in Tokyo in 1985, Japanese composer Akira Kosemura debuted his first solo album, "It's On Everything", on an Australian label in 2007 while he was still in school. That same year, he founded his own label, Schole Records, and garnered good reviews by releasing various albums of crossover genre music featuring the sounds of piano, strings, winds, synthesizers, and field recordings. Akira has composed music for film, stage, game and commercials, including the Cannes 2020 feature film True Mothers (Asa Ga Kuru) directed by Naomi Kawase, the OWN series Love Is__ produced by Mara Brock Akil, Nintendo Switch game JACKJEANNE produced by Sui Ishida, TBS series Chugakusei Nikki, a contemporary ballet piece MANON choreographed by Kimiho Hulbert, and Japan Pavilion in Milano EXPO. Also the Amazon original movie Jonas Brothers CHASING HAPPINESS and French movie Mais vous êtes fous used Akira's catalogue. In recent years, he has worked collaboratively with international brands such as LA MER BLUE HEART, LAND ROVER, L'OCCITANE, TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist., Nikon, Rado, IKEA and KINFOLK. Also Akira featured Devendra Banhart on a single titled Someday. His works have received high acclaim from media outlets around the world, including Pitchfork in the US.

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