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Song made on November 15, 2018

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  • Tomoko SHIMASAKI

    As in love, there are romantic feelings. As in a trick, there are comical, eccentric feelings. In her music, Tomoko's naked soul is fired sharply at the listener. She spins the movement of sensitive minds into a state of calmness... She uses these feelings to their fullest natural application. This sense of hers is a unique talent in Japan. She freely changes her masks, man or woman, child or old man. She becomes an infant hungry for affection, a girl falling in love, a man who can't be independent, a neglected guy who can't get along with others, a tired wife who laments her life, a woman who loves a foolish man, a person struggling to achieve their dreams. Her songs are naturally intimate with the feelings of their characters and with the nuances of life. They contain affectionate opinions about the clumsiness that humans possess. Tomoko Shimasaki's songs are for all people. *For Tomoko's CV and the literal translations of her lyrics, please refer to the link below.

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