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Vanishing, which is based in Nagoya, will release the 4th release of this work, "Moon light," as the first download distribution of Vanishing, and its revenue will support a live house that has become difficult to manage due to the influence of coronavirus. Will be donated in full.
It can be said that from the previous work "DRESS", the melody and lyrics were further emphasized, and it can be said that it has deepened further from the view of the world of Vanishing until then.
Even in hard times, he finds a way and goes on. Vanishing's New song that sang such thoughts.

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iTunes Store • Punk TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 1 • 15 May 2020 iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 12 • 15 May 2020 Apple Music • Punk Top Songs • Japan • TOP 13 • 10 Jul 2020 Apple Music • Punk Top Songs • Mexico • TOP 77 • 5 Jul 2020 Apple Music • Punk Top Songs • Taiwan, Province of China • TOP 89 • 3 Jul 2020

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