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LAGHEADS is a super jam and pop band made up of the most talented young musicians in the current J-pop and jazz scene. Last year, they released "Dance feat.HIMI", the fourth collaboration with HIMI, who is popular with many DJs and listeners, including "Simple Song", "Dakishimetaiyo", and "Matane". This city soul masterpiece has now been remixed by Akira Arata of Japan's leading experimental soul band "WONK"! The urban chill sound is a must-listen for DJs and fans!

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    "LAGHEADS" is a super JAM / POP band that brings together the most notable young talented musicians in the current J-POP to JAZZ scene. While making you feel the overseas sounds of jazz and soul from the past to the present, there is only one sense that has the lightness that is familiar to modern J-POP.

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