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This is the fifth album by LYRAKOSMOS, featuring well-known classical pieces, compositions by Andre Gagnon, prayer songs, and more. Each piece has been performed extensively in concerts. Listening while observing the jacket artwork by Akiko Komai allows you to experience a sensation akin to drifting through the cosmos. Surrender to LYRAKOSMOS' aura tranquility and serenity.

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    Ms. Hirakawa is a graduate of Tokyo College of Music, while Ms. Hocchi graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. After graduating from music college, they became involved in music and encountered a lyre, which is an instrument originating from Germany, tuned to 432Hz (Rudolf Steiner advocated for the use of 432Hz.). In 2009, they formed LYRAKOSMOS. In German, "Lyra" represents the "harp," and "Kosmos" represents the "universe." Their repertoire is a diverse blend of classical, Celtic and Japanese tunes, healing melodies, and original compositions. They engage in performance activities, lyre classes, composition and arrangement, as well as the production of CDs and music collections. Experience their soothing sounds and melodies.

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