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We have just released our new song "HARUIRO"!

This song was created as part of a support song project for ZIP-FM and Kinjo Gakuin University.

As for myself, since my birthday falls in spring, every year around this time, I find myself reflecting: "I'm getting another year older, it's a season of new encounters, but also a time to bid farewell to beloved friends and places...", evoking a somewhat poignant feeling.

When the cherry blossoms start to bloom, it feels like they're announcing the arrival of that season. So, even though I sometimes foolishly wish they wouldn't bloom this year, inevitably they do, heralding the season of graduation. However, memories of youth remain vivid no matter how many years pass. I wrote this song with the hope that everyone would carry those memories in their hearts as they move forward towards their dreams and futures.

To all those graduating this spring, and to those who have surpassed many springs since their graduation, I would be delighted if this song, when listened to while gazing at the sky, somehow transports you back to those days for a moment-a warm, comforting song.

May this song also gently paint over your blue feelings with the soft colors of spring...

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    Born on March 4, 1997, in Fukuoka Prefecture, this individual has been involved in choral groups from childhood through their third year of high school. They led a life closely intertwined with music while pursuing vocal training and performed on numerous stages. In April 2018, they began their activities as a male-female duo called "Maruri to Ryuga." From April 2022, they embarked on a solo career, making their solo debut in May with the 1st Digital Single "Suki da yo," which was written and composed by Yuri. Known for their exceptional singing prowess, they have garnered immense support from their peers of the same generation, thanks to their unpretentious and amiable personality, as well as their charming looks. Please note that the translation is based on the provided information, and the specific individual's name and any additional context are not available in the provided text.

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