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Jazz shakuhachi player Reikan Kobayashi released his first music video! He released 2 videos and this is one of his original songs called Tastless Song. Reikan Kobayashi - Shakuhachi, Yuya Wakai - Piano, Yasuhiko Hachi Sato - Bass, Yuto Maseki - Drums, Yusuke Nakaishi - Recording, Julio Shiiki - Camera&Editing.

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Tastless Song

Apple Music • Jazz Top Videos • Japan • TOP 2 • 16 Feb 2024 Apple Music • Jazz Top Videos • Spain • TOP 21 • 6 May 2024

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  • Reikan Kobayashi

    Reikan Kobayashi is a Japanese jazz shakuhachi player, composer, arranger, recently nominated as a finalist for Yokohama Jazz Promenade Detroit Jazz Festival competition in 2016. He's been a rare shakuhachi player who can really do jazz improvisation with shakuhachi. Reikan started his music carrier as a guitarist. However, he aimed at being shakuhachi player when he turned 20. Shakuhachi is Japanese traditional instrument made of bamboo. He got his first Kinko-ryu shakuhachi lesson with Mr. Reiko Yokota. After a year trained with Mr.Yokota, Reikan was accepted to Traditional Japanese Music Department at Tokyo University of the Arts. While he was studying traditional tunes at the university, he also tried to master playing jazz with shakuhachi by himself since there were no jazz shakuhachi players around him. He's been working on various performances and gradually widening his appeal with playing jazz with shakuhachi.

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