1. Time is life
  2. Pierrot
  3. Humming
  4. Dyed silver
  5. Coffee and CD and deep breath
  6. Soup
  7. Rabbit
  8. Breaking Dawn
  9. Plane tree leaves
  10. Defenseless fish
  11. HIKARI
  12. Sunrise

Group of 4 piano Acostic rock band from Yamanashi


It is encounter organization by having been in charge of personality on the community FM radio which I broadcasted in group of 4 acoustic rock band Yamanashi Kofu-shi from Yamanashi. It begins as a band member producing a solo album (dandelion) of vocal Nakanishi and forms Dan Delaware ion afterwards first. I reach the current member after drum withdrawal in 2017. It is won a prize receiving a prize by held many contests in Yamanashi. I produce a theme song of Kiyosato in 2013 (song ... of unforgettable summer D - Kiyosato) It releases the first national release mini album afterwards in the same year. (Chuconde) I energize in autocrat live broadcasting, self planning. I win the grand prix by citizen of the prefecture school festival popular music festival in 2019. I am going to hold the eighth anniversary memory autocrat live broadcasting on November 8, 2019.

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