1. kanashimi-No-Hateni

The musical piece that SHINYA acts as charge by songwriting as for "in an end of this musical piece" sorrow, and KEI MATSUURA is in charge of by arrangement & produce.
Various fields caught the large damage under the influence of a corona. I keenly realized how happy a commonplace was. However, a young generation must change it in oneself not leaving all to others including oneself therefore to rebuild it newly! Soulful one piece with all thought to say this.


Born in Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture, 1994.6.4 A singer-songwriter. Influenced by 80s sound R&B, started music activity from 2016. With the motto of honest, humble, and thankful hearts, he is active under the theme of "first-class mind", and he is doing research every day so that he can express his own character by the chemical reaction of his heart and singing voice.A clumsy soul singer who sings straight in a single direction.

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