Midnight Streetのジャケット写真


Midnight Street


I saw a hideous dream

Can't explain about it

The time was 1:15

It’s already dark outside

I’m just terrified

And perspiring heavily

The icy breeze enters

Through an open window

She was outside upon the sky

She doesn’t like to sleep

I can see the moonbeams but I’m being

Drawn into her eyes

Why is it so emotional wandering

Around the midnight street?

All of these countless tragedies flooding

In the back of my mind

A heart that should be heard is gone

And I'm left with only the nagging sore

I wanna dig myself out now

Of this place filled with despair

It’s almost 2:15

Playing the “kind of blue”

I’m walking down the

Caliginous street

The moon is gone the sky is red

Muteness is striking

The restless night is certainly

Breaking me down now

The darkness of this midnight street is

Just like my Anxiety

And the flickering street lamp is just like

The hope that I have now

There is only a tiny hope

But I just want to believe it

Until I find another light

I’ll just fight with all of my demons

And I’ll become the witness of the dawn

Is there really daylight on the

Other side of this world

Is there really hope on the

Other side of my heart

I will know that later

I’ll just wait a little longer

I’ll keep walking this midnight street

Until I know what there is

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Midnight Streetのジャケット写真

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