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Welcome to the world of "The Song of the Small Star" by a harp band! For listenners, please listens this song by harp for listeners who feels and enjoy music itself gentle and bright. For players, play this song for harpists who can enjoy harp playing according to the level from the beginners who touched a harp for the first time to the person learning in earnest in the way. Sheet music of simultaneous sale is being played faithfully, but it'll be same with a singer, be same with wind music and be in a karaoke store, and being going also to burst at such time and when doing harp participation, more fun!! A harp seems to be the musical instrument I feel awkward in visiting, but with funny 4 people^_^, nanid Rinrinranralian will guide orchid star Ranranrinralia of a harp ringingly ringingly!

A song of these harp work and original piece of music has been completed by whole COVID-19 misfortune which made the worlds assume in 2020 shocking. Because it was felt I had the restrictions in going to school graduation ceremony or entrance ceremony and club activities and sympathized with the boys and girls who have that in the difficulty which can't make time of the memory, and that would like to hope the courage in felt music in such, there are lyrics an adult reels emotionally too in a song. Though it's bright and is a fun small piece, I think it was good piece which feels the universe. Rhythmic sense like swing (shuffle) was also inserted in the harmonic sense called jazz tension and the last one only a little, but I'll join the forces by everyone and enjoy a harp. There are no boundaries freely and music would like to ask you to find to seem to be a space walk. Our harp band and our friendship believe it's to play harp together and trust and friendship that you can feel a thing which excels every kind of difficulty.

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The Song of the Little Star

iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 17 Apr 2021

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  • Rinrinranralian

    The harp band formed by 4 harpists of the fun character with the relation wind music. It's sold in debut song << The Song of the Little Star (Cover) HARP ver.>> April, 2021 and each delivery site. Appendix HARP sheet music simultaneous sale of wind music edition sheet music. Rocket music company ORG105 . The performance which reproduces Yo Saito's composition and arrangement << The Song of the Little Star >> harp option sheet music faithfully. The band formed at JASRAC KEYAKI Hall Tokyo on March 2, 2021. Use musical instrument harps of Salvi Minelva and Aoyama Saul and Camac Bardic. Illustration/ Ran Sasaki. Recording Engineer / Tsutomu Okada. ..... Yo Saito (space name Yoyokorin) Leader. Harpist and composer. Harp experience for 460,000 years. Yo respects history and innovation, and develops harp music by her open mind. Yo is passionate about promoting harp music.Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with undergraduate and graduate degrees, also graduated from Conservatoire de Lausanne. Starting as a professional harpist in her teens, the 2nd prize in Nippon Harp Competition in her thirties. In 1997, a CD was released at the request of a record company where she composed and performed all the pieces. Since then, she has released many compositions. She is an associate member of JASRAC, on the board of directors of the Nippon Harp Association and a member of the Yokohama Music Culture Society. Jury of All-Japan high school selection wind music meeting. ..... SANAE (space name Saakenomirun) Leader in the electric harp world in Japan. Pop music, jazz, rock and improvised etc.SANAE is playing an active part beyond any genre, as solo campaign or performance supports for Miki Imai and Tamasaburou and so on, recordings, work arrangement and FM personality. The columnist of magazine "Accordo" serialization of stringed instrument. Guide musician of Child & Future music program in 2016 in Yokohama Minatomirai Hall. Serialization is wide nationwide of Yomiuri Shinbun "the fashion of the electric harp" in 2020. Album "HARP SHOCK" (bomb-001) ..... Harp Prince (Harp Ouji) (space name Fujichakurin) Ouji touch a harp at 16 years old, am charmed by the sound of the musical instrument and aim at the professional way. Graduated fromSHOBI college of music A flute and the harp unit [Stress Free] are formed after that and activity is developed by every region of the country as a Harp Prince. Main repertoires Classical music-popular music-a contemporary-a Celtic melody are played widely with a solo and an ensemble. Ouji collaborate on media, art, a dance, a musical, a drama, reading aloud and narration with various fields enthusiastically. [Harp which fits every kind of environment] but his principle. ..... Moe Nakata (space name Mokorantan) As of April, 2021, Moe is 16 years old, harp experience 7 years. Second year student of The Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music,Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied the harp under Yo Saito by 10 years old and at present studying under Mai Fukui and Reine Takano in "GEIKO" Music High School. The 3rd prize winner of The 32nd Nippon Harp Competition advanced division in 2020.

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