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Passionate latin music, Enchanted rhythm.[LATINA], MAYA's sweet temptation !
Ambitious work acting jointly with
full-scale latin musician,
featuring Mr. Takaya Saito (Piano, Chorus) of Orquesta De La Luz as a sound producer.
A long-awaited latin album with
high quality sound including
two original songwriting (words and music) by MAYA.
Striking freshness, stereognosis sense and powerful sound.
This is a must-listen album, recorded by Mr. Yuki Mizutani leading person of latin music recording, embodied in further sharpened "visible sounds" a theme of AMBIVALENCE.

Artist Profile

  • MAYA

    With a world view full of originality, singing in 9 languages regardless of genre and style based on jazz, 19 CDs including the best compilation album has released. Received numerous awards such as "Gold Disc" "Jazz Disc Award / Vocal Award (Domestic Category), and "Album of the Year". In 2020, own music label "AMBIVALENCE" was launched. The first work is "and alone" of a jazz drummer Akira Matsuo. This album was received the VGP2020 Planning Award. The second work is "Billie" with a high-quality work by analog recording that makes full use of vintage equipment and audio equipment. This album was awarded a Gold Medal in 2021 Jazz Vocal section in a contest sponsored by "Jazz Hihyo", one of the most popular jazz magazine in Japan. In 2022, the new album "LATINA" was released, which is a latin album acting jointly with full-scale latin musician with high quality sound.

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