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This is the third installment of the "re:born" project, in which Beatmaker creates new music using the piano soundtracks released so far by Rui Fujishiro of Sasaklekt!
This project is the third installment of the "re:born" project, in which Beatmaker "gummy3000", who is gaining listeners mainly overseas, is in charge of this work, featuring a nostalgic sound and piano-driven lo-fi hip-hop pieces.
Rui Fujishiro's "Labyrinth" was released in June 2020, and is now being released as a new "re: Labyrinth" album.
The overall result is a melodious and warm beat that captures the imagination of the listener and fully demonstrates the strengths of "gamey3000". The piano sampling also blends beautifully with the music, resulting in a pleasant lo-fi instrumental piece that allows the listener to feel the sound and texture of each track.

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re: Labyrinth

Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Viet Nam • TOP 155 • 18 Mar 2023

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re: Labyrinth

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