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A song composed by Nishad G., featuring Shashaa Tirupati, Sreekanth Hariharan, and Anjana JP on vocals, with Rishi K penning the lyrics. The song also features a whole host of decorated instrumentalists, including the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, Carnatic guitarist Abhay Nayampally, Grammy Award winning bassist Philip Kuehn, among many others. The song narrates the journey of a person going through grief, and the rollercoaster of complicated emotions and thoughts this process entails.

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  • Nishad G

    Although I am a Tamil, I was born and brought up in Japan, and still live in Japan today. Having gone to an international school throughout my childhood, I had a wide array of musical inspirations - the Carnatic music and Indian film music from home, the choral/band/classical/jazz compositions I performed at various groups at school, the pop music that my friends would recommend, plus much more. The influence school had on my musical upbringing cannot be understated - I got to perform in competitions and festivals around the world through the choirs and bands I was part of, all of which played a huge role in forming my musical identity today. I continue to perform frequently nowadays at university, with my focus now being on jazz. My debut track, titled "Manasu" (or "Mind"), reflects my diverse musical identity perfectly - in this song, musicians from India and Japan play a song that fits the genres of smooth jazz, ambient/electronic music, and progressive rock into one track. It also highlights the storytelling nature of my music, as this song, combined with the music video, tells a deeply powerful and emotional story. I am also the founder of The Indoencers - a music-centered media platform consisting of a podcast, YouTube channel, and blog. The platform has received public recognition from legendary artists like AR Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal, and Santhosh Narayanan (as they have both shared my work on social media), for the way in which I approach music journalism from a unique, theory-centered perspective.

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