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The new single of indie rock duo, KLEPTO.
This song has the guitar riff like garage rock and sweet sorrow melody.
It's energetic indie rock like the summer sunshine.

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let me down

Apple Music • Independent Worth Saloon • 26 Jul 2021

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    Japanese indie rock duo, formed in 2019 in Tokyo, consisting of SJM (vocal, guitar) and BNKN (bass, drum). They have a respect for garage rock revival. They released the songs for 4 months in a row from May 2021, and released the 3rd EP "A DAY IN THE SUMMER". They released the single "VIVA LA MY LIFE" December 25th, 2021, and it was ranked in the top 20 on the radio "J-WAVE TOKIO HOT 100". They also released the single "Vanilla" March 30th, 2022, and it was used on "ABEMA hills" that is the broadcast program on ABEMA. Most of their songs are elected in Spotify official playlist "Edge!" that selects the hot artists in Japan. And their song was elected "Edge! Presents Best J-Indie Hits of 2021". member SJM (vocal, guitar) BNKN (bass, drum)

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