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The debut 1st mini-album "Know Thyself Your Madness" released in October 2021 has an introspective and dark world view that covers the whole, and although the musical instruments live together, the impression is that the track is leading the way. It became a work that built a unique world view with strong songs.

This 2nd mini album "no on my own" was produced and recorded by 3 support members and a member who was in charge of programming together with the tour from the record that was carried out after the 1st mini release.

The track, which is an important essence of the KTYM sound, reverberates impressively in the whole volume, but what is clearly different from the previous work is the band's chorus work, sprinting feeling, groove feeling, etc. that were born because it was cultivated as a band. The point is that the sound forms the core of the song.

A variety of sound approaches, current world affairs, endless negative chains, and lyrics that describe the confrontation with oneself. Includes all 5 songs constructed by chewing all the essences that form Hiroki Katayama, from bloody punk and rock'n'roll to gram rock, grunge, new wave, digital rock to traps and hip hops.

After the release, pay attention to KTYM who is energetically developing live activities such as appearance in Fuji Rock Festival'22, appearance in the opening act of ANARCHY Free Live, and holding an independent event in Tokyo Nagoya Osaka!

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  • KTYM

    Hiroki Katayama. vocalist. Born October 27, 1991 in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. In 2007, he formed the rock band "Droog". In 2018, Droog announced an indefinite suspension of activities. After that, he started "KTYM" as a solo in 2021 after working in several bands and projects. In October of the same year, the 1st mini album "Know Thyself Your Madness" was released. KTYM means "Know Thyself Your Madness". In addition to serving as a corner personality in FM Yokohama 84.7 "Radio HITS Radio", WEB magazine from the insatiable quest for food The column "Katayama Hiroki's Eating Rock 2" is being serialized in "DONUT".

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