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Heart Release And Silence

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This recorded the live stage held on January 27th. 2018 at Yokohama Kamome.
The breathing of three musicans is transmitted with the sound and feel quiet and dynamic through this live album.
Heat dissipation and silence you'll be amaged the strong message from the play by Mako's Party,lead by genius piano player Masako Nakano.

Mako's Party Member/Piano:Mako(Masako Nakano),Acoustic Bass:Motoaki Kasahara,Drums:Go Nakazawa

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Heart Release And Silence

Apple Music • Jazz Top Albums • Luxembourg • TOP 48 • 26 May 2024

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  • Mako's Party

    Mako'sPartyプロフィール 中野雅子を中心とした ジャンルに囚われない音楽グループ。2015年〜全国ツアーを行う。NHKプレミアムドラマ「クロスロード全作品」演奏を担当。

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