UN KAI sea of clouds

  1. UN KAI Sea of clouds
  2. Sakura Sakura
  3. Jasmine
  4. You Raise Me Up
  5. The Path of Wind
  6. Horse Racing
  7. Sato no aki
  8. Xi Huan Ni
  9. Hong Yan -Swan Goose-
  10. Yo soy Maria -Theme of Buenos Aires-
  11. Japanese Sea

Standing on the top of a towering mountain, in front of you are the peaks of the mountains and the endless sea of clouds. A song created with such a view as an impression. "If you want to see the distant scenery, you need to climb to a higher place." The poem recited in this piece is the ancient Chinese poem "Deng Stork Tower" (Tang Wangzhihuan)".

Days follow the mountains and the Yellow River flows into the ocean.
If you want to be a thousand miles away, you will be better.

This sentence just expresses Yang Yuki's mood: "In order to achieve a higher goal, I have to redouble my efforts."

Yang Yuki

Yang Yuki is also the father of erhu player and composer, Yang Xing Xin. It grows up while being familiar with Erhu. She came here in Japan with my father's arrival in Japan when she was elementary school student. She possessed "Hanazura no Den" in the Ogasawara Ryu-Rei-Hou(Japanese traditional style of etiquette). After graduating from the Faculty of Economics of Tokyo Keizai University, She found a job in the company once, but made up the mind to the way of the erhu. In 2007, she studied under his father, Yang Xin Xin. In 2014, she entered the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing as a Chinese government scholarship student and studied under Mr. Denzairi. Graduated in 2020 after completing the first Japanese master's course at the same university. In 2016, won the Silver Award at the "3rd Dunhuang Cup/Shanghai Erhu Competition" in China. In 2017, won the Gold Award at the "6th International Chinese Instrumental Competition" in China. In 2017, he participated in the music culture exchange project "ONE ASIA Joint Concert Japan Premier 2017" as an erhu player. She also works as an educator, and is teaching erhu in Japan Erhu School at Tokyo, Okayama, Sendai, and Gunma. Member of the Chinese Musicians Association and the Chinese Folk Orchestra Erhu Society.

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