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iTunes Store/J-Pop トップソング/ロシア/3位/2019年11月13日 iTunes Store/J-Pop トップソング/インドネシア/4位/2019年12月29日 iTunes Store/J-Pop トップソング/タイ/8位/2020年3月30日 iTunes Store/J-Pop トップソング/香港/13位/2019年11月14日 iTunes Store/総合 トップソング/香港/144位/2019年11月14日 iTunes Store/J-Pop トップソング/日本/161位/2019年11月13日 iTunes Store/総合 トップソング/インドネシア/187位/2019年12月29日


Birthday: 10/30/1987 BOP / Residence: Kanagawa, Japan Nationality: American / Japanese Specialty: Acting, Including Japanese Sword/Spear Action,Singing, Dance - Hip Hop (Japan Qualified Instructor), Stage Jazz Tap Language: English / Japanese Biography William W Spearman IV, born of an American father and Japanese mother on October 30, 1962 in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Japan, fell in love with the performing arts at a very young age. At the age of 6 he had his first experience on stage in The Music Man (by Meredith Wilson) playing the part of Winthrop Paroo and astonished the audience with his vocal and acting ability. During this period he became well known as a boy soprano and released several CDs, performed live with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Vivaldi Orchestra.-as one of the village children in "Carmen" and in Yuuzuru. He has developed in to a triple threat performer who excels in three of the primary facets of theatrical performance: acting, singing and dancing. He is also being recognized for his thorough, focused attention to the detailed process of character development and his ability to mentor other performers; helping them provide their best stage performances. (Reference, https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spi, youtube, etc) Career • Musical[RENT] o (2010) - Gorden) / (2012.2015)- Benny • Theater Play[7DOORS](2012) • Musical[ZANNA](2013))- Arvin • Theater Play[AgathaChristie. Last Supper • Musical Opera[Carmen](2014) • Theater Play[History Boys](2014)Tim • Musical[WAYOUT](2015-Osaka and Tokyo)- Sho Tagami • Musical[DNA-SHARAKU](Jan 2016)- Ihei • Theater Play[Kuroko no Baske](Apr 2016) - Capt. Taisuke Ootsubo • Musical[Radiant Baby - Life of Keith Haring](2016)- Diiva man • Musical[H12](Sep 2016) - Tetsuto Kamiya • Theater Play[Take Me Out](Dec 2016)- Davy Battle • Musical[Toukenranbu]~Lullaby of Mihotose~(Mar and Apr 2017) - Tombokiri • Theater Play[Kuroko no Baske Over-Drive](Jun and July 2017 - Taisuke Ohtsubo • Theater Play[Tomarenai 12nin](Aug and Sep - Kohichi Asakura • Theater Play[KING OF PRISM Over the Sunshine! ](Nov 2017)- Alexander Yamato • Musical[Toukenranbu]~Shinken Ranbusai 2017~ーTombogkiri (Dec 2017) • Theather Crea 10yr Anniversary[TENTH](Jan 2018)Spitt Grill Fire - Yirai • Theater Play[Take Me Out 2018](Mar - Mayー) - Davy Battle • Theater Play[SAMAEL](Jun 2018) - Oxiso役 • Theater Play[Nobonaga no Yabo](July 2018)- Nobonaga • Musical [Jersey Boys](Sep - Nov 2018) - Nick Massi • Musical[Toukenranbu]~Shinken Ranbusai 2018~ーTombogkiri (Dec 2018-Jan 2019) • Musical[Toukenranbu]~Lullaby of Mihotose~(Jan thru Mar 2019) - Tombokiri • Theater Play[Kuroko no Baske](May 2019) - Capt. Taisuke Ootsubo • Musical[Toukenranbu]~Fall 2019 New EpisodeーTombogkiri (Aug 2019-Oct 2019) • KING OF PRISM Over the Sunshine! ]Concert(Oct 2019)- Alexander Yamato • Musical[Toukenranbu]~Festival ~(Oct 19 - Jan 2020) - Tombokiri •

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