New pass audio (Deluxe Edition)

  1. Solace thru youtube
  2. Mobility
  3. Belch
  4. Cosmopolitan
  5. Theraputic
  6. Down wise
  7. Shtkicker
  8. Spare
  9. Tank girl
  10. Out of order
  11. Evergreen
  12. C.B.C

今や世界中で注目を集めるイベントBoilar room で 異才を放ち一躍その名をビートシーンに轟かせたLA出身のビートメイカー
Ash Tre Jinkins と、福岡を拠点としこれまでの実験音楽を積み重ねビートシーンでは唯一無二の存在で奇才を放ち続けるArcasがタッグを組み遂にAlbumをリリース!!

日本とLAのBeatシーンが打ち出す新たな次世代ビートメイカーの襲来! 破壊、再生を繰り返す為の歴史的Albumがここに完成した。
マスタリングはFumitake Tamura(Bun)氏 を迎え更なる実験サウンドの高みを打ち出し聴く者を異次元と誘う内容に仕上がっている。

【 何処かで聞いた様な音楽がもてはやされる中、このL.AとFukuokaのピュアなコラボレーションアルバムからは

Arcas は、タイトなリズムに絡む、瞑想的なモティーフ。
AshTreJinkins は、メランコリックなムードを保ちながらもドライブするヘヴィーなビート。


Fumitake Tamura (Bun)

(New Pass Audio)

1 . Solace thru youtube
2 . Movility
3 . Belch
4 . Cosmopolitan
5 . Theraputic
6 . Down wise
7 . Shtkicker
8 . Spare
9 . Tank girl
10.Out of oder

mastering (Fumitake Tamura/Bun)
artwork (Ryohei Sasaki)


ARCAS is a Fukuoka based beat maker. He constructs unique beats with shiny but crooked and abstract melodies by editing sounds recorded from his surrounding environment. His music is heavily influenced by the underground hip-hop scene that conquered the UK in the 90's, but also takes elements from electronica, dub step and noise music which Arcas mixes with his own dope beats to invite the listener to a new dimension. Arcas' music is not restricted only to the club scene, he also collaborates with movie makers and live musicians and performs at galleries and museums. In 2014, he released a split album with Ash tre jinkins from LA starting with the boiler room. After that, he made digital releases energetically, And in 2019, the original track of confidence is adopted in Mix released from Obey clothing.



Defensive re cycle