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The top line features a sad melody and sentimental lyrics that truly express his own experiences and feelings of various losses.
The bluesy guitars and the sentimental piano that comfortably stimulates the softest part of the heart are also impressive tracks composed by the artist himself.

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  • Hibikiii

    Rapper and beat maker from Kyoto, Japan. He is known for his delicate lyrics and skillful style of seamlessly flowing between singing and rapping. In October 2020, he released the single "Letter" on 100byKSR, a project organized by KSR Corp. and in August 2021, he released the EP 20+1, distributed by ULTRA-VYBE, which is included in 20+1. Baby feat. NeVGrN is an indie artist who has been selected for many playlists including Apple Music's official playlist and Pluto Selection (Biweekly). Also DIY artist who mixes, masters, and creates the artwork for almost all of his work. This is an automatic translation so it may be wrong lol.

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