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The electro-pop unit "FUNLETTERS" released "August 15" in August 2021, and New K, a member of the unit, has self-remixed the song over the past year and released it from Jyutsu-no-ana!
August 15" is a song full of tenderness that gently wraps you up while describing feelings of regret for the past and the heat of a sweltering night, and the remix by "New K" makes it even more emotional and groovy. The remix by "New K" makes it even more emotional and groovy.
New K's remixes are even more emotional and groovy. The sentimental, fashionable, and lived-in grooves transcend genre barriers and resonate far beyond the scene, and New K's uncompromisingly diverse and skillful remixes should be felt throughout the body.

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August 15

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