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"human not angel"

I'm not as cute or beautiful as an angel, but I want to live a charming life as a human being. All 4 songs with such feelings.
The main song "Charming" is a non-fiction song that begins with the straightforward lyrics, "I tried not to have children, because that would stop everything."
Vo.Gyau commented, "Nowadays, people are able to advance their careers even after having children, and the times are changing, but I think that's because of the tears of women who couldn't choose either.
Giving birth to a child meant that my career would come to a halt.
Even if I can't change the world, I hope that releasing this song will change the world of women who come after me."
A work that can be said to be Vanityyy's masterpiece, which has been active with the slogans "You are cute no matter how old you are" and "Woman is wonderful".

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