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All songs written by Ayumi Sasaki.
Composed by Youryokutai Club.

Recorded at HIT Studio.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Yu-ki Nishida.

Illustration by Momo Fujii.

Artist Profile

  • Youryokutai Club

    A three-piece indie band from Sapporo, Japan, Youryokutai Club combines post-rock aesthetics with simple yet clear melodies any pop enthusiast will love. Active in the local Sapporo music scene since 2014, the group has grown to become a local legend and is now beginning to make their mark across Japan and around the world. The group is made up of Sapporo natives Ayumi Sasaki, whose beautiful vocals are at odds with her aggressive guitar playing, and Natsumi Imaizumi, bringing a melodic and independent character to her rhythmic bass phrasing. On drums is Emilio Buonanni, born and raised in America, whose aggressive phrasal playing belies the fundamental groove of the unit. Together, these three unique styles combine into a group sound giving life to vivid musical landscapes that are not to be missed.

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