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This is 5th mini album of Bucket Drummer MASA.
This album is inspired by experience in Brazil.
MASA went to Brazil in Jan 2019.
He got lots of precious experience and priceless moment in Brazil.
Album jacket was shot in front of Jesus at Corcovado Hill when he played as Brazilian morning TV show shooting.
Album and song title was inspired by that experience.
One of song was made with instrument which He got in Brazil.
He went to Art recycle community named "Funk verde" as culture exchange.
That experience was really memorable for him and Funk Verde.
At last Funk Verde gave him instrument which they made by hand with garbage from Favela.
This album is full of love for Brazil.

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Artist Profile

  • Bucket Drummer MASA

    Bucket Drummer MASA (bucket drum , didgeridoo) 1988, April, 1st born in Kanagawa JAPAN MASA has made original instruments from daily necessities and some junk items. He plays buckets, bowl, platter and some junk items as drum(call it Bucket Drum), and PVC pipe as didgeridoo. Recently so many Bucket Drum players appear on the real street all over the world. But his sound is totally different from the other players. He is plays Bucket Drum and PVC pipe didgeridoo at the same time. his style is paid much attention from home and abroad. His sound is bassed on Psychedelic through trance, techno, drum&bass,hardcore, and metal music. His universe is totally one and only in the world. He started performing on the street in Melbourne Australia. He appears many genre of stage,club, bar, live music venue, festivals,rave etc...not only underground but also overground stage. when you listen his music, you must be really into his universe, and open your mind. you feel oneness of your mind and body, you and I, you and mother Earth, Finally connect to the universe. All you need is JUST to feel the energy of Bucket Drummer MASA.

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