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A melancholic piano melody resounds inside the spaceship as it communicates with the ground in preparation for landing. As soon as the girl's humming stopped, the spaceship reentered the exosphere and descended with taking aerodynamic heating. Beyond the chromatic code progression that guides the ship, the original landscape spreads out in blue, and it heralds the beginning of the story. The guitar sounds and synthesizer sounds are layered massively like the Earth's Atmosphere that colors the gradations, repeats modulation, and the girl remembers as she advances through the layers of colorful sounds. And then she realized that there are other colors than blue in her memory. The dynamic and light rhythm of the drums inspires the future of a girl who feels a new nostalgia and hope for her return to the blue. What kind of story will begin from now on? 'Overture' marks the beginning of a new chapter for the sphere.

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