Love Metal

  1. Chace of love (Japanese ver.)
  2. Love (Japanese ver.)
  3. Do you take a chance for love? (English ver.)
  4. I decide you (Japanese ver.)
  5. Love can change the world (Japanes ver.)
  6. Long life of love (Japanese ver.)
  7. Love angel (English ver.)

The first Metal concept album is 7th album of Grandcross.
He sings for love in Heavy Metal,So this genre is Love Metal.
He makes revolution of Rock'n roll music for love.
Nobody sing in metal for love without him.
If you were broken for mind by Metal,Take this songs.As soon as your mind is recovered.
Check it out!


At first I'm added for Marching Band of Boys and Girls. At second I was composed the band ROSE by there's members. And then I came in High school at many of band that named The BAND, Stranger and Zephyr. And then I came to college who've been in there composing the band name of Shetland and Inch Cars, FUSS. Then now on Grandcross is started since 2000. Grandcross is meaning for across my destiny of big Cross, and the planet of GrandCross of destination and hero's symbol of his life work on respect.

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