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The first new single after 11 years from Singer-Songwriter, Nana Tanimura.
Nana shows her complete versatility in this new release. It's a self-produced song that is written and composed by Nana.
The visuals and design come straight from Nana's heart, to express a song of support, and express the deep connection Nana feels with America.
With Nana's heartfelt piano and vocal performance, it is guaranteed to move the hearts of listeners everywhere.

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The Power Of Unity

Spotify • tuneTracks Weekly • 5 Jun 2021

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  • Nana Tanimura

    Nana Tanimura made her debut with her 1st Single "Again" in 2007, while attending Aoyama Gakuin University. The next year, in 2008, she was awarded an Excellent Work Award at the Japan Records Awards. Following this, she successfully wrote songs for other artists, also appearing on TV variety shows and in TV commercials. After stepping back from the entertainment industry in 2013, she developed an interest in self-care prompted by a decline in her own mental and physical health. She gained a qualification as a Holistic Nutrition Therapist with the Nutrition Therapy Institute in the US. In 2018, during her time studying in California, she encountered the concept of Sound Bath, a fusion of music and meditation. On her return to Japan, she garnered much praise for her concert for the People's Republic of Bangladesh and her social welfare activities, receiving an invitation to attend a dinner party organized by Japan's ex-Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. In 2019, she returned to musical activities, creating tracks for a major US video streaming service. She has recently founded her own company and is currently engaged not just in music, but in a variety of areas, striving to deliver wellness through sonic vibrations in her work as a meditation coach and corporate training sessions.

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