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The fourth album by French solo artist tAk. He uses guitar layers to weave his unique post-rock sound.
More than 10 years of collaboration in live performance with drawing artist Adrien Demont, where music and drawing intermingle to create moments of ephemeral reveries, has led him to develop this particular hypnotic and melodic music style.
In addition to influences from post-rock bands such as Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mono, also French bands such as Les Thugs, Noir Désir, and bands like Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, etc., tAk is strongly inspired by Geneviève Castrée, a cartoonist, illustrator, and musician from Quebec, Canada, and the song titles of "Frôler le sol" are all taken from her works and poems.
Besides the guitar-based songs, the album also features a beautiful minimalistic song "Ce qui nous tombe dessus" (Track 1) with glockenspiel.

Artist Profile

  • tAk

    A solo project by Japanese-French artist Takuma Leo SHINDO. In his live performances, tAk plays electric guitar alone with effect pedals accompanied by live drawings by Adrien Demont under the name tAk & Demont.Takuma started playing music in different noise/punk/hardcore bands in the late 90s. He started his solo project tAk in 2009 and performing mainly in France and Japan. Although he grew up in France, he has always been immersed in Japanese culture. His connection with the Japanese underground scene began when he organized concerts in France for several Japanese bands. When he came to Japan, those bands organized concerts for him, and so on, expanding the exchange between the two countries. He has performed not only in live music venues but also in art galleries, film schools, and shrines.

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