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When you are in the darkest night, as soon as you can get over it on your love for beats and emotions.
At first the organ is started to be introduction, then tight and heavy on love rock number that is symbolize of Grandcross to have heavy mood but words in love song. It is the art. And It has basic guitar solo is very kindly.

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  • Grandcross

    The recovery of destiny's line across the holizontal average line is Big Cross as Groundcross by started on 2000. He write so many of songs by Nobuyoshi Kurosawa to be born as Groundcross. It's all performed, all composed and all written for publishing his nose. He named for Nobuyoshi Kurosawa to set him Dr. G. Vo. Key(sequence). on pop rock road added all genre sounds as being concept to make plan. His originally sound make sense is both major and minor scale to go on by.

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