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The lead track from the single "Densetsuninaranaide" is rearranged with new interpretation, by Seiichi Kuroda.
The single includes 4 tracks, a music adaptation of poems from Aico Narumiya's book of the same title.
The lead track "Re:densetsuninaranaide" now welcomes nene for the recitation and the chorus, with the newly recorded poetry reading.
With the original song that calls to you, and the reading that talks to oneself, the two songs becomes complete.

We are both dots in a world.
Don't turn yourself into a story to tell.

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iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 33 • 25 Dec 2020

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  • seiichi kuroda

    "Genius P.J's" "Genius P.J's" are a Japanese Hip-Hop band from Tokyo that was formed in 2000, they have a wide range of styles regardless of what music that is club or band culture. They started performing with a band of six people. They released their 1st album "DUST HEAP", 2nd album"MANKIND ORDER" and a single "Touboe" in 2010 and the next year,they were nominated for "RO69 JACK 2011". In 2012 they released an album "republic" with participating artists Arakajime Kimerareta Koibitotachie, Shoji Ikenaga, INNER SCIENCE, Fragment and others. In recent years they have performed in many music festivals that were held at various venues for "MINAMI WHEEL 2013" (Osaka), " JAM FES 2015"(Tokyo) and "ZODIAC FESTIVAL"(Gunma) an outdoor music festival. As of now, the band consists of kazz aka chamois(MC) and Seichi Kuroda (keyboard,programming,guitar) with support members on bass, drums, sax and violin . In 2014, released "oarsmen theory the E.P.", and "world is yours" a collaboration with "daoko" who is a female singer and rapper, which has caught the attention of other artists such as "m-flo", "Mummy D by BYRHYMESTER" also the film director "Tetsuya Nakashima". Each member also has their own solo projects, chamois has a hip hop group "chamois" with Atlanta-based rapper "DJ JOMO", who is well known in the hip hop scene. In 2001 he participated with INNER SCIENCE's 12inch Single "Cardamine/CLEARD EP" by ONE OWNER RECORDS. In 2003, he released the first album "TRANSPARENCE" and 12inch Single "Motomeru". Seiichi Kuroda join in on the Zoobombs album "The Sweet Passion" on synthesizer, the band formed by DON Matsuo from The Zoobombs as a side project "The Randlf"/ "DON Matsuo Magic Mountain Band" on guitar. In addition he performed as key "GUNMA ROCK FESTIVAL 2012" with R da Masta. In 2013 he performed at the indie music festival "Guru Guru TOIRO2013 " with Anaruchan who is a Japanese whisper noise artist, in the name of "Anaruchan and Seiichi Kuroda". Recently,he is active as a track maker that is known as DOTAMA / Kitsunebi / NAIKA MC and also as a record producer.

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