Be saying love me so many times

  1. Be saying love me so many times (feat. Grandcross)
  2. Red Rose (feat. Grandcross)
  3. Love is the best (feat. Grandcross)
  4. Go by me (feat. Grandcross)
  5. Looking for love (feat. Grandcross)
  6. Heroine (feat. Grandcross)
  7. Pole position (feat. Grandcross)
  8. If I have been proud of myself (feat. Grandcross)
  9. Love Ballad (feat. Grandcross)
  10. All of my love (feat. Grandcross)
  11. Fighter of love (feat. Grandcross)
  12. Love Hero (feat. Grandcross)
  13. Only love (feat. Grandcross)
  14. Don't stop the love (feat. Grandcross)

This is most loved Love song on Love Ballad feat. Grandcross of main theme.
It is use the iRIg2, IRig Voice, BandLab and Logic Pro X.
It is composed by Alternative rock.
The words is appearance of his heart of soul.

Love Ballad

Since 2019 Nobuyoshi Kurosawa started this collection for love songs as pop rock at alternative rock. And then 2020 he sends the pop numbers in English as his word well. His main theme is pop love rock is contained to create until now.

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