From the country of "kotatsu" and "mikan" Front Cover

From the country of "kotatsu" and "mikan"

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「Oh! Monster」「Sweetie, Sweetie」「外房エレジー」に続き、アヤトピアの4枚目となるシングル「こたつとみかんの国から」。

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  • ayatopia

    She was born in Iwaki, Fukushima. A folky, sensitive, and slightly tropical singer-songwriter who turns everyday petty thoughts into songs. In 2011, she was in charge of songwriting, music composition and vocal as "Monaka Azuki" of modern folk torio "Medium Trench", but her activity was suspended in 2013. After that, she started singing and playing the guitar and ukulele in the name of a solo unit "ayatopia" and continued her live activities mainly in Tokyo. In 2019, she released a first album "1122". She likes Hawaii, Taiwan, snowy mountains and coral reefs.

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