Ame no kototama

  1. mafuyu no taiyou
  2. uzu
  3. Nettaiya
  4. Taisetsu na hito
  5. yawarakai toki
  6. sayonara
  7. ame no aida
  8. te
  9. ai no uta

ai to makoto back together again after 12 years!
With a subtle sound mixing jazz and rock, their new album balances Japanese urban sounds from Tokyo with the dynamic spirituality of nature. Give it a listen and feel the energy!

ai to macoto

[ai to macoto] Formed in 2002 with Ai Yamaguchi (Vo) and Makoto Shibata (G) as the core members. Shibata, who creates delicate and sensual sound based on diverse music tastes such as jazz, pops, rock, soul and AOR, etc. and Yamaguchi with absolute singing talent, who spins "Kotodama (spirits of words)" from the universe with the power of connecting people through singing, integrate their talent into authentic and yet free-spirited and ever-changing view of the world. After joining of Yuri Muroki (Sax), who has shown her God-given talent in numerous sessions and Yusuke Sugita (B), who was engaged in alternative activities free from the traditional genres and trends, the group played at places with live music, clubs and cafes, etc. mainly in Tokyo until the pause since 2005. Made a miracle comeback in 2019.

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