LocaKaRi First

  1. LoveSick
  2. Samayoi Neko
  3. Gekko no Kaguya
  4. Jaaku na Onitachi

This is the first EP of sister unit LocaKaRi.
Contains 4 representative songs.
2:Samayoi Neko
3:Gekko no Kaguya
4:Jaaku na Onitachi


It is a real sister unit LocaKaRi (Rocakari) by my sister Kanon and my sister Rion. We are active nationwide, mainly in Ishikawa Prefecture. It features unique original songs that are different from ordinary idols. In particular, I am particular about the lyrics and take care to convey words. Please also pay attention to the costumes that match the world view of LocaKaRi's original songs.

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