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Kojimuro (2020winterMIX)

Cover photo courtesy of Kiya Honten (Yamaga, Kumamoto)

Re-released after seven years with a new mix and mastering! In 2013, I participated in a project related to the Setouchi International Art Festival, an art and community revitalization project launched in the city of Kannondera, Kagawa Prefecture. At that time, I was asked to create a piece of music based on the theme of a famous place in the city of Kannondera, and I was given a kibaco with the theme of "The Crown Prince's Shrine enshrining the God of Koji". For this project, I ordered rice malt from Tsukumo Fermentor in Kannon-ji City, and recorded the sounds of rice malt being stirred and the sounds made during the making of amazake. The artwork for this issue was provided by the Koji specialty shop 'Kiya Honten' in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, which provided us with a beautiful photo of rice malt. Kiya Honten is a historical kouji specialty shop that was established in the Tenpo era of the Edo period and has been making fermented foods for 190 years. Whenever kibaco goes to Yamaga on a live tour, he always stops by this favourite kouji specialty shop.

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  • kibaco

    SAyA(Vocal.Synth.Programming) Satoshi Nishimura(Programming.Guitar) ''Kibaco'' was formed an electronica unit at Sapporo from 2004. Not only composing programmed music,also using warmly sounds make unique world with SAyA's whisper&crystal voice. Satoshi Nishimura,acts as sound-engineer,participated in making 1st&2nd Album of SAKANACTION. They've also tried to make up unprecedented live.Collaboration Live with other kinds of arts,Harmonizing with projected image at Planetarium Live,and Candle Live in a Forest.

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