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The new release "100days" by the emerging singer-songwriter Kita Yukina, who is focused on bridging the gap between the real world and the metaverse, is a concept that involves performing daily street concerts in the metaverse and transforming those experiences into songs. This song was specially composed as the theme song for the metaverse world "The Battleship That Set Sail 100 Days Later" within the Cluster metaverse platform.

Drawing from her previous experience as a jazz singer, this new work incorporates elements of jazz into a pop number.

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  • KITA Yukina

    Yukina Kita A singer-songwriter who embraces the concept of connecting the real world and the metaverse. Every day, she holds "Metaverse Street Live" performances within the metaverse, wandering through its virtual spaces with her captivating voice. Her melodious singing and lively MC skills don't just captivate the metaverse inhabitants, but also firmly grip the hearts of real-world audiences. Her "World Songs," each depicting a unique world within the metaverse, bestow fresh waves of emotion upon those who venture into these worlds. Yukina Kita is a pioneer in forging the cutting-edge future of musical experiences, bridging the realms of reality and the metaverse with her talents as a singer-songwriter.

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