Love Metal III

  1. Moon's Love Project (feat. Grandcross)
  2. Moon (feat. Grandcross)
  3. Be Fine (feat. Grandcross)
  4. Buzzer Beat (feat. Grandcross)
  5. OMG (feat. Grandcross)
  6. Love of blue (feat. Grandcross)
  7. Stay (feat. Grandcross)
  8. Final love (feat. Grandcross)
  9. Moon Stone Heart Beat (feat. Grandcross)
  10. Sun burst love
  11. Funny Girl (feat. Grandcross)
  12. Rising Sun (feat. Grandcross)
  13. My Steady (feat. Grandcross)
  14. Virtical Love (feat. Grandcross)
  15. Sun and Moon

This is the second Album of Love Ballad that named at Love Metal III.
This tracks is composed for Guitar Solo and by BandLab of tools on iOS with iRig2 and Lurssen as finisher.
The newer taste is reincarnation for many of experience as musics.

Love Ballad

Since 2019 Nobuyoshi Kurosawa started this collection for love songs as pop rock at alternative rock. And then 2020 he sends the pop numbers in English as his word well. His main theme is pop love rock is contained to create until now.

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