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"Habyan" is new eclectic music which is a fusion of traditional instruments used in Japanese classical music called "Gagaku" and electronic music to weave it into a song of the culturally distinctive tinged sacred ritual in Okinawa/Japan called "Izaiho"

The musical style filled with such ethnographic curiosities is influenced by a recent Four Tet's albums and the "Neo Geo" by Ryuichi Sakamoto in the 80's which actively collaborated with Okinawan musicians.

This track is inspired by a cape called "Habyan" where the goddess of the Creation in Okinawan mythology descended from sky.

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    CLAYRANGE is a music producer from Tokyo. He debuted on the Swedish house label, and his track was compiled for The Very Best Of Café del Mar Music. In July 2020, he started a new project as CLAYRANGE. CLAYRANGE loves cosmic atmosphere and eclectic music that blends Global music elements with other musical styles, such as house, hip hop, and electronic music. Poeticality exists in the universe...

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