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Singer pianist Kaoru Watanabe's first original song collection.
Funny and jazzy summer songs.

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  • Kaoru Watanabe

    Kaoru Watanabe Born in Osaka, Japan. Kaoru Watanabe spent her childhood with music, especially folk music, '60~'70s American pop and Japanese pop music in Showa period influenced by her song-loving mother. She has been trained to play the piano from the age of three to ten by a Japanese pianist, Noriko Yamamoto. Kaoru devoted herself to theater, photography and visual contents in her late teens. She decided to come up to Tokyo for university where she has been experienced theater play and creating documentary works. She also learned piano by a Japanese Jazz pianist, Shoko Yamagishi while she was at university. 2003, she started singing with piano at bars and restaurants. 2007, First album "泳いできてね(Come see me with swim)" was released and on sales nationwide, it was made with spirited musicians. The second edition was released in 3 months time because her original songs got favorable reviews in various fields for her unique Japanese lyrics with acoustic melody mixed jazz and Bossa Nova. This album was released again with the remixed and remastered edition. Kaoru started her career as a vocalist in those days. 2009, Second Album "気まずい足あと (Awkward Footprints)" was released in September, she had an in-store live at Tower Records in Shibuya with her band, Michihiro Nakajima (Dram), Makoto Iwasaki (Base) and Akira Ofuchi (Piano) and had a live tour been flourishing. The title song "気まずい足あと (Awkward Footprints)" was chosen for the ending theme of "Jazz Warehouse", the program on an FM radio station called "FMcocolo" in her hometown Osaka and this song has been featured for a month. 2011, Kaoru produced her Ladies Only Live at House Sudio, in Tokyo, it was based on an idea for warmly received ladies' party in the afternoon. There were filled with her natural voice and sound of the piano in the bright living room and this live received a favorable reputation. 2012, First DVD "Kaoroom へようこそ(Welcome to Kaoroom)" was released which includes all of her video-clips of her songs, band sessions and the 2011 live video. Kaoru appears in live houses as a regular member these days, performs not only her own original songs but also cover one with various arrangements. She also joins to perform at the jazz bar with solo and keeps an active in her works. She extends her fields of activity such as providing her original music for a TV program and performing at live in a collaboration with a piano tuner, Takeshi Miyazaki and a Make-Up artist, Risa Nishimura.

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