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Three years since the release of my self-produced album, and following its nationwide distribution last year, I am excited to announce the release of the 2023 version of Sain'o O.

The original had a cosmic theme, but this time, the arrangement has been made to evoke more of an earthy feel.

As for the lyrics, they were woven with words that naturally fit the melody, resulting in a fictional language.

Since the meaning is not limited, I hope that when you listen, your own unique scenes will come to mind depending on your mood and situation.

Crossing all boundaries, I hope this song resonates within diverse landscapes and reaches many people.

This is a song I want to cherish and continue singing throughout my life.

Artist Profile

  • Yuma Dobashi

    I am originally from Shizuoka Prefecture. In 2020, I independently released an album titled "Sain'o O" through my own label. After three years, this work has started nationwide distribution through the indie label "HÈLPHABET." I am actively engaged in activities with the aim of having the title track of the album, "Sain'o O," reach many people beyond borders. I am conscious of creating music with melodies influenced by Western music and crafting lyrics in my native language, Japanese. In live performances, I use acoustic guitar and Telecaster. I have been consistently hosting solo concerts twice a year for the past six years, and I've been expanding my activities with domestic tours and other opportunities.

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