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A song that expresses the feelings of a heroine who has reached a turning point in her life.
By using the expression "reverting her last name back to her original maiden name" in her lyrics,
The story depicts the confused emotions of a woman, wavering between the bondage of the past and the despair of the future.

Crescent moon, midday moon, and full moon.
By using the phrase that the heroine looks up at the moon reflecting in the sky,
It expresses how the heroine's feelings are gradually and powerfully fulfilled.
"I can't go back to the past", "I can't end the path I chose like this",
The heroine's strong determination is beautifully and poetically depicted.

The song elements include "A melody, B melody, climax C melody",
It is composed of four elements: "D melody which serves as the bridge".

The powerful lyrics sung in D melody are the essence of this song and the part that feels cathartic.
These are: "I will continue to improve myself to be the best I've ever been," and "I will devote all of my remaining time to becoming the best version of myself".
This is precisely because the lyrical phrase beautifully declares this.

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  • SpaceWind

    "SpaceWind" learns piano from age 5 and vocals from age 17. SpaceWind was brought up by a strict father of the company owner, and was denied the choice of course according to her intentions in elementary and junior high school days until 20's, so the surface behaved well, but with an internally suppressed emotion grow up. When SpaceWind was a junior high school student, she was impressed by the TV show of the "Grammy Award Ceremony". "There is an energy in the music that in an instant it encourages and changes to the positive, even the heart of people with negative emotions!" And she decided to be a music artist. Currently working as an indipendent artist, mainly in Tokyo, as an expert in psychology and vocal methods. Music Worldview: A singer-songwriter who specializes in ballad songs that sing beautiful melodies and impressively with magnificent arrangements. SpaceWind is a female artist whose main point is the ballad by the arrangement that goes up in the second half of the music. At the same time, she sings up-tempo pop songs in a gorgeous arrangement. A singer-songwriter who sings "love, dream and hope" with the theme "the universe and the soul" which beyond the mere love story between men and women.

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