1. Evergreen
  2. Guilt and Shame
  3. Calling
  4. Unfinished Prayer

4 track split EP release by Hello1103 and Gargle. The "Angraecum EP" is a collection of "prayer" themed auditory bliss from the two bands.
After several previous encounters at live venues, the two bands, with common qualities and a sense of strong storytelling, came together under a single "Angraecum."
The English lyrics on "Calling" by Hello1103 were written by Lynne Hobday who is known for her lyrical work on tracks such as "ICO -You were there-". The monumental 7 minute long track offers listeners a sonic experience that embodies an essence of a distant journey.
"Unfinished Prayer" by Gargle features a lyrically depicted soundscape backed by French string musicians the band is acquainted with.
The tracks were developed on the shared theme of "prayers," a universal theme that various artists had approached throughout the ages. For this EP, Gargle responded to this keyword that is evident in recent Hello1103 works.


An electronic music duo composed of Hitomi (Trackmaker) and yukako (VJ). Their organic digital sound and lyrical melodies are accompanied with visuals that depict subconscious imagery, creating an otherworldly space. Based in Tokyo, the duo is active both domestically and internationally. In July 2019, the duo commenced their Hello1103 Ambient Set which includes a collection of tranquil tracks. As with their conventional performances, this new setup is being received positively at various venues. Other than VJ work for their own performances, the band has offered visual effects for many musicians including mouse on the keys. The band also offers consultation for visual systems at live venues.

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Instrumental duo from Tokyo. Gargle's sound exceeds common genre classifications such as post-rock and post-classical music. Layering the light and dark sounds of instruments such as the guitar, accordion, and piano, their compositions transmit a vivid story with a touch of melancholy. Performing regularly in the Tokyo area, the duo also toured France (2011, 2019), Spain (2011), and Taiwan (2020). In 2012, the album Glow in the Gloom was released on Fluttery Records. A collaboration album with Bosques de mi Mente (Spain) was also released on Fluttery Records in the fall of 2013 and its Japanese edition was released through Dewfall Records in 2014. In 2018, In the summer of 2018, the album Wading in Shallow Waters was released on the same labels.

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