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The mc of the alternative unit MISCH's TAKU releases his first solo album! This album collaborates with producer "seekx" who is one of the finalists of BEAT GRANDPRIX CHILL/AMBIENT2020 supported by tunecore JAPAN.

"Hue" is inspired by the changing colors of the sky through the course of a day. The album holds 5 songs for 5 different shades and explores emotions, environments and mindsets that can also change with time.
All the tracks were created while Japan went into the first state of emergency in 2020.
The album, flowing with lo-fi hiphop that would easily blend into everyday life, was created 100% remotely by seekx (based in Osaka) and TAKU (in Saitama).

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Apple Music • Alternative Top Albums • China • TOP 186 • 14 Mar 2023 Apple Music • Alternative Top Albums • Japan • TOP 194 • 10 Feb 2021

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Artist Profile

  • TAKU

    2017年結成のオルタナティブユニットMISCHのTAKU。 当ユニットはLo-fi, Alternativeを基調に Hiphop, postrock などジャンルを横断するのが特徴のMC兼ビートメイカーのachiyochi、熱のこもった程良い高揚感をリスナーに与えるカリスマ性、Sweetな歌声と日常に寄り添うリリックを武器にMCをこなすTAKUの二人組。DIYアーティストとして公開した『MISCH - いいんじゃない』は2021年時点で5万4千回再生を超えた。 TAKUがソロとして初めてリリースするEP『Hue』は、ビートグランプリ2019ファイナリストのseekx が全曲を手掛け、現代を象徴するマガジン「IWAKAN」の編集制作も行うKotetsu Nakazato がジャケットを手掛けた。

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