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It has been about two years since the release of the previous work "INNOCENCE".
The latest work that breaks the silence and is newly released is next-generation Chinese metal drawn with a magnificent scale and world view!
It is also the culmination of Lin's history with his Japanese and Chinese background, and is a work that can be said to be a new frontier.
Beautiful and ephemeral, gentle melody, the invitation from the first song "-Daydream-" leads to "Ninth Heaven-".
Jiu Tian Lan Yue is an old Chinese phrase and the original meaning is different but Lin uses that phrase as delivering music from heaven to the world.

In the world the situation changes, the world where new disparities and ideological differences are born in society, the west side and the east side, and the division progresses toward chaos.

However, rock music certainly lives all over the world, and there are people who love music.
Lin knows that music actually crosses national borders through his live activities and work releases in various places.

It embodies the pride of being an Asian in the sound of rock music born in the West.

That is the theme of this work.

First of all, I want you to experience the "sound".

Spreading there is a gem of oriental rock beyond imagination.

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iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 6 • 24 Jun 2021 iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 9 • 23 Jun 2021 iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • France • TOP 58 • 14 Aug 2021

Ninth Heaven

iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • New Zealand • TOP 5 • 11 Oct 2021 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • New Zealand • TOP 46 • 11 Oct 2021

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  • Lin

    Lin is a visual rock guitarist; Born in China and raised in Japan. After performing shows primarily in Osaka, Japan, Lin moved to Shanghai in 2012 and formed the band Lilith. Lilith was so active that he made his name on the Chinese rock scene and the band's representative song "Arcadia" was selected as the opening theme song of the anime "Hitorinoshita-the outcast-" in 2016. After the band dissolved, Lin composed a wide range of pieces including an insert music for the anime "THE KING OF FIGHTERS DESTINY-Quanhuangmingyun-" in 2017, and the theme song "Manatsu Emaki" for "Onmyoji Heian Monogatari" second season in 2019. He is the official endorser of the Japanese musical instrument brand ESP and has appeared frequently in demonstration movies.

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