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Released on the Pi t'a Pat label in 2015. After 6 years, it will be re-released in 2021 by remastering. In the distribution release, the sound source on the DVD board is also recorded. All 16 songs.
Matsuko Mawatari, "Mawatari World" that incorporates new elements such as HipHop number in addition to the sound make-up based on the conventional POPS melody line. Don't miss the co-starring with Rap, DJ and human beat box. Mawatari's five instrumental songs also have a different side from Mawatari's new POPS.

Artist Profile

  • Matsuko Mawatari

    Born in 1967 yours. From Miyazaki in Japan.She made her debut on virgin Japan. She was in charge of vocal, music, arrange, programing, key. Now moved in Kanto.On 1997 years, she lost voice by mental sick.She paused activity.2011 years by 'AnimeJapan 2011' started the activity again while working as music instructor.she released 'necktie on the beat''Break a theory''KISEKI''and provided song and live activity.And in 2015 years she played on 'Anime Friends 2015' in Brazil.Now she started also activity of calligraphy, Painting, Literature etc....And as 'Smile Bomb' trade mark engaged in social contribution and peace contribution.

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