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Hakubi - Yoyoi mix -

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  • Kendy Suen

    Kendy is exploring her musical journey as an independent solo artist since August 2020, upon taking a musical rest from the duo Robynn & Kendy. Kendy Suen has been performing in English, Cantonese, Mandarin & Japanese. She is also trying to bring elements she was aspired by back in the UK in her most recent works, and has been involved in various festivals and showcases. Kendy has been broadening her musical tastes by getting involved in the production of her music projects and expressing her mind through her recent music and calligraphy works. Her recent singles have all received recognitions from different music charts and Kendy is currently involved in various projects, collaborating with young musicians of the likes, and producing young artist, exchanging musical influences. She has released her first solo EP "The Prologue" in 2021 and is available in both Hong Kong and major vinyl stores in Tokyo. She has currently released her second project, "The Book of Pi".

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