Heavenly Island

  1. Heavenly Island
  2. Under the Water
  3. Heavenly Island (solo ukulele)

"Heavenly Island" is the song that recieved the Grand Champion.MVP KZOO Radio Prize. Finalist Prize at the International Ukulele Contest 2020.

Kenta Ebara

Born in Tokyo, raised in the Itabashi district. Ebara spent his teenage years surrounded by the blues sounds of Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn. During his college days, much of his time was spent in Ohio where his father lived. This is where he was first introduced to the rich sounds of country music. It was during this time that he began his journey into songwriting and performing. Soon after, the famous singer Angela Aki discovers and invites him to take part in her music projects. This jump starts his professional carreer and propels him into the spotlight of the Japanese music scene. Currently, Ebara holds multiple events/lives as a solo singer/songwriter throughout Japan, and participates in various projects as an arranger and established guitarist.

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