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"Red" is the color of power, the color of romantic hearts, the color of broken hearts and bodies, the color of blatant lies, and the color that appears at various times in our lives. Episode 2 includes "RED EYE BLUES," the theme song for the Red Eye Committee, which has been popular at live performances for a while. Following on from the previous release, the album features the same great musical talents of Jun Abe as arranger and Jun Sumida as guitarist. Listening to the excellent pop song "Hey Taxi" with its bright piano and relaxed rock guitar, and tender and heartbreaking mid-ballad "Stars," you can feel a different charm from the previous album.

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    ITSUKA, from Tokyo, is a multi-talented musician who can not only write lyrics and music, but also handle studio design, equipment setup, video production, and live-streaming direction all by herself. She has over a hundred original songs influenced by rock, blues, folk, country, and other genres, which she plays with a unique worldview that transcends language and national borders. While steadily establishing herself as a singer-songwriter, including winning the grand prize in Hakase com's "Find a Singer-Songwriter 2017," she is also a dominant presence in the musical instrument industry as a gear girl who loves guitars and digital equipment. In 2020, she launched AMP UP, a live-streaming and filming studio, and has produced programs for such well-known musicians as Marty Friedman, Char, Kotaro Oshio, and Kiyotaka Sugiyama.

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